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Live, Own a Unit and Experience a Resort Lifestyle at Coralpoint Villa By The Beach

The Coralpoint villa by the beach is situated in one of the premier lots in the tropical island of Cebu closer to luxurious resorts of Mactan. Though it’s located in one of the exclusive residential and resort communities in Cebu, the Coralpoint Gardens and Residences, the property is still proximate to convenient locations as well as the international airport.

The tropical beauty of this property is a great gem.  You can gaze at a spectacular ocean view during sunrise. As the terrace is facing the east, one can enjoy the calm sea breeze and the breath-taking view of the ocean. The sparkling azure water invites you not to just dip in it but also to enjoy the watersports activities.

But the great setting of this property is perfect for those who want to relax and to delight in a laid-back ambiance after incurring the stresses and formalities of life.

Located at the tip of Mactan, this secluded and private compound is home to many who want luxury and privacy. It is a class of its own.

The two-storey unit villa boasts of a 276.65 sq. meter property with the master’s bedroom on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the second level. One of the bedrooms on the second level is adjacent to the terrace area facing the sea. The whole unit has been fully renovated and upgraded, ready for a new owner.

This complex is ideal for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy what can best be described as 5-star spa resort living 365 days in a year.

For details and more photos about this property, please see more of Coralpoint Villa by the Beach available unit.

But then, why settle for a year when you can have it for a lifetime?

This property is available for a new owner, who wants to enjoy living on a tropical setting. With its serene environment very close to the sea, new residence owners to this villa can to achieve that rejuvenating glow by basking under the sun or taking a luxurious feel of the breeze while taking a break from business deals and other stresses that business and work can induce.

This villa by the beach at Coralpoint Gardens and Residences is an ideal residential location for those who seek for tropical elegance, private ambience and privilege to use the available amenities existing in a resort. This property is a great way to live a resort lifestyle in a private abode that one can own.

Why you must own and live at Coralpoint Villa by the Beach?

This secluded property is one of the excellent residential points as you decide living in Cebu, especially at the historical resort island of Mactan.

The sunrise view as you gaze at the terrace area delivers an excellent warmth as you welcome the day. The setting is also conducive for meditation, yoga and other relaxing activities to be more prepared to face the challenges any day may come.

The private pool adjacent to the shore delivers an inviting atmosphere for underwater recreation.

At dusk, the night breeze brings the humid warmth to luxuriate, enjoy and experience as you gawk at the nigh lights of the urban metropolitan Cebu at one side and the innocence of the dim islets on the other.

Despite its tropical resort feel, the Coralpoint property is still a part of the highly-urbanized city in Mactan, within a large metropolitan Cebu. Thus, residential owner can do business in Cebu or in the Visayas area while living in a secluded tropical villa by the beach. It is one of the perfect properties to live in Cebu where you can live privately and elegantly but still you are close to the conveniences of life and business.


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