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5 Tips to Achieve a Brighter and Livable Home

tips to achieve a brighter and livable home

Regardless of  any season, there are things that can make anyone feel a bit blue even during times when you feel like staying at home.  But then, there’s also what we call home therapy where anybody can still experience the wholesome feeling while staying in one’s own room or just be at the comfort in the living room, lazying around on a weekend or lounging at the terrace area, if it’s part of one’s home. If your home doesn’t fit the criteria of being livable, then it’s time to consider home improvement.

A home makeover can elevate any mood. It can even heighten’s one’s drive to better improve one’s home particularly when there’s an opportunity to have those sweats out and become more active.

Brightening one’s home interior can make anybody’s home happier and even more spacious. Yes. There’s this miracle of making even a small home to be more spacious if home makeover is done right, from the planning process to the end result. Also, there is the benefit of achieving a more natural light to decrease your energy usage, cheering up your wallet in the process.

Here are 5 tips to achieve a brighter and livable home.

1. Repaint

Repainting can be a tedious task but it can also be fun if you already visualize the end result with the fave colors you want for that room. Drab, dark hues can be replaced with brighter and cheerier color combination in one’s room. White paint is always the usual option but the sunny yellow brings out a sunnier disposition to the residents. Of course, there’s also the green or teal color which is the great color for the eyes.

2. Use curtains and complement them with the room’s interior.

Thicker curtains especially lighter ones can best fit with lighter or darker furniture. However, the thick ones may also block more sunlight and may not be good if you wish to have more sun in your living space.

Sheer curtains can let in a bit of light even though it’s dark outside. A good tip would be to layer the curtains with double sided rods and sheer curtains hanging in the back to add more privacy.

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3. Glass and mirror

Glass wall to divide rooms can accentuate a contemporary yet elegant interior. If these walls incorporate a mirror like effect, it can also add an illusion of space, providing a more effulgent interior. Mirrors reflect light so it’s better to put one facing a window to catch the early morning sun rays.

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4. Use light colored furniture

Opt for light colored furniture instead of darker pieces. Light color palettes for your home trinkets actually create a more vibrant in your home. That’s a given if you wish a brighter abode and spacious living interior.

5. Maintain cleanliness

Okay, this is the usual thing to do to achieve that daily brightness and cheerfulness in one’s home. You don’t want to see accumulated dust especially in areas where you usually stay, do you?

They’re 5 simple ways and yet they can be done with the right drive, determination and passion to make one’s home livable. You reap the ultimate benefits of transforming the home anyway.

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