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4 Reasons to Live at Coralpoint Villa by the Beach has been blessed to have a list of properties in Coralpoint Gardens and Residences. As a broker, I have personally attended to these properties and one of the things I can say about these properties is that they’re worth investing in. But if the option is to live, it would be much better as these properties have something that are really worth living in.

Let me start with the first reason why it’s better to live at Coralpoint Villa by the Beach:


It’s become a cliche to many property brokers and even those who are into real estate about the existence of the term location. But it still is a proven factor why people must invest their time and resources into when they find out that the location is viable, not just on the safety factor but also on the aesthetics.

What makes Coralpoint villa by the beach viable location-wise is that it is in a property that is exclusive, hence, it is conducive to people who love to be with nature. Experiencing sea breeze here would be a constant reminder of the beauty of tropical paradise.

Considering Coralpoint is in Cebu, the tropical feel is always there throughout the year even on rainy days.

I’d say it’s a perfect location for those who want to escape from the hassles of urban living but still want to be closer to where the convenience locations for procuring necessities.

#2 Interior decor

One of the many things that make me favor this property is the interior decor. It has a Filipino contemporary feel to it but it can also be passed as something Zen. If there’s a Filipino Zen design, then the interior of this property can be included in this category.

The accentuation of red and brown as well the glass parts creates an earth-like pattern bordering on the practical side of interior design.

You be the judge of the interior and see if you like it.

#3 Fully furnished

There is always an option to change the who interior design if you happen to purchase the unit. But if you want to keep, it will save you up on the cost of acquiring new sets of furniture and other design features to make this unit livable.

#4 the Sunrise

The location of Coralpoint villa by the beach is so viable for those who love the sunrise. Either you want to view the sunrise in the balcony, near the shore or the terrace entrance, you can experience the dance of colors as the sun rises in another cycle of colorful spectrum starting with the hues of red, orange and yellow.

These are the 4 reasons I want to impart that make Coralpoint villa by the beach a must-have property for those who want to invest and live in it.

Did I also mention that it is very possible to experience the amenities as if you’re in a resort?


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